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Versatile One-Piece Tamper Including Seal with Easy Break-off Facility


  • Self-Locking All Plastic Seal

  • Locking mechanism completely encapsulated

  • Seals can be quickly and easily applied

  • The plastic loop slots into the main body of the padlock and gets locked

  • Plastic body will blush, if tampering occurs

  • Padlock seal can be used on any box, bag, zipper bag/pouch or drawer to identify if the contents have been used/opened or tampered with.

  • Low insertion force. A predetermined break point allows easy removal without the need of any cutting tool

  • It makes the job of checking kits, cupboards or boxes in the workplace easy

  • Just check the seal is in place and everyone can be assured that the equipment is intact, preventing repeated checking every time.

  • Embossed "SEALED - DO NOT REMOVE" and "SAFCON" on the reserve side

  • Material - Durable High Strength Engineering Plastic

Recommended Applications


  • Fire Extinguishers

  • Demand reset Meters

  • Zippered Money Bags

  • Tote Boxes

  • Coin/Cash Bags

  • First Aid Box

  • Pouches

  • Meters

  • Vending Machines

  • ATM cassettes

  • Ambulance

  • Special Kits etc.

SAFCON Part No. A mm. B mm. C mm. D mm. E mm.
PL - 4N

1.Insert the seal loop into main body slot.

2. It's locked.

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